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Surprising revelations from the most recent books about Trump’s presidency

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Surprising revelations , Since former President Donald Trump's departure, journalists and former administration officials

Surprising revelations , Since former President Donald Trump’s departure, journalists and former administration officials have been rushing to produce tell-all books revealing the delicious behind-the-scenes mayhem of his administration. 안전한 카지노사이트

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed in her book

What I Saw at the Trump White House that Trump would cut his hair “with a huge pair of scissors?

And two Washington Post reporters claimed in their exposé that the former president wanted to send COVID-19 patients to Guantanamo Bay.

The surprising and odd claims, however, have not stopped — nor have the tell-all.

Here’s everything you need to know about the most bizarre claims in the latest books:

Geoffrey Berman’s book “Holding the Line: Inside the Nation’s Preeminent U.S. Attorney’s Office and Its Battle with the Trump Justice Department” (Sept. 13, 2022)

Former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman details his experience working under Trump before his eventual firing in his new book Holding the Line:

Inside the Nation’s Preeminent US Attorney’s Office and Its Battle with the Trump Justice Department.

Berman discusses in detail how the Justice Department under Trump frequently pressured Berman’s office

To prosecute people the president deemed a threat, including former Secretary of State John Kerr.

Berman alleges in Holding the Line that Justice Department officials informed his office that they would be in charge of examining Kerry’s conduct with Iran

The official had evidently annoyed Trump for attempting to preserve a nuclear deal he had negotiated with the country.

Conduct that had irritated the president was now a Department of Justice priority,” Berman wrote.

Peter Baker and Susan Glasser’s “The Divider: Trump in the White House 2017-2021” (Sept. 20, 2022)
The story continues.

One of the most recent books that include insider information regarding the Trump administration is

Surprising revelations, The Divider:

Trump in the White House 2017-2021 by Peter Baker, top White House reporter for The New York Times, and Susan Glasser, staff writer for The New Yorker.

The Divider claims that Trump once surprised Jordan’s King Abdullah II by offering to give him the West Bank

Where the Palestinian population has always desired to abolish the monarchy. “I felt I was having a heart attack,” Abdullah II reportedly told an American friend.

Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, and his ally, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, also condemned the former president’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Baker and Glasser’s investigation.

  • According to The Divider, they informed him, “You’re blowing this.” According to Baker and Glasser, Melania was “rattled” by COVID and “convinced that Trump was screwing up.
  • The book, Melania informed her husband, This is serious. It’s going to be extremely horrible, and you need to take it more seriously than you’re taking it.

He had just rejected her, saying, ‘You worry too much,’ she remembered. ‘Forget it.

Furthermore, The Divider claims that Trump had to be told that he did not have the authority to personally prosecute his opponents. Such a reminder arrived. 카지노사이트

At one point in the spring of 2018, Trump directed [former White House Counsel] Don McGahn to direct

If the attorney general refused, said he would do it himself as president,” Baker and Glasser wrote

  • To an Insider book excerpt. “McGahn had to explain that the president had no such power.”
  • According to The Divider and Insider, McGahn then wrote a memo to Trump stating that using his position as president to prosecute his political opponents would be unlawful.

Surprising revelations, Maggie Haberman’s book “Confidence Man:

The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America” (Oct. 4, 2022)

Previews of New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman’s forthcoming book Confidence Man:

The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America have also been causing quite a stir, with one of the book’s more shocking claims being that Trump

Told his aides he had no intention of leaving the White House after his loss in 2020.

According to Haberman, Trump initially admitted loss and consoled his people by saying, “We tried our best.

However, as time passed, he began to insinuate that he would not step aside to allow President Biden to take over because he believed the election was rigged.

According to Haberman’s book, Trump routinely clogged White House toilets with paperwork he was attempting to get rid of.

During his presidency, White House personnel discovered wads of printed paper clogging toilets, prompting them to suspect Trump had attempted to flush the paper down the toilet.

Axios also tweeted photographs of purported flushing events sent by Haberman:

“Unchecked: The Untold Story of Congress’s Failed Impeachment of Donald Trump,” by Rachael Bade and Karoun Demirjian (Oct. 18, 2022)

Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress’s Botched Impeachments of Donald Trump, written by Rachael Bade and Karoun Demirjian

Will examine the two unsuccessful impeachment hearings against the former president.

An excerpt from the book released by The Washington Post provides a behind-the-scenes look at

How Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) allegedly reacted in the aftermath of the Capitol disturbance.

McConnell was reportedly “overcome with emotion at the trauma” they had suffered that night, as he watched his aides move the furniture they’d used to bar his office doors from rioters,

Bade and Demirjian wrote. “We’ve all known Trump is insane,” he then told them, according to Unchecked. 카지노 블로그

In the same extract released by the Post, Bade and Demirijian detailed how McConnell flipped-flopped from voting for impeachment and then voted to acquit the former president post-Jan. 6.

Meanwhile, McConnell knew that his members were looking to him for advice on whether they should publicly condemn the impeachment as unconstitutional.

Fearing a backlash, McConnell caved to pressure and voted against impeachment. Despite having pondered it and consulting with anti-Trump Rep.

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